Can sitting itself be entertaining?

With its movement, the SurfBench triggers curiosity and encourages the exploration of the spaces we inhabit. The bench is designed to help time pass more quickly through playful interaction.


No engines nor electricity required.
Powered by the kinetic energy introduced by you.


All parts are designed to be replacable to extend the product lifetime endlessly.

High Quality

Made in Italy according to the highest quality standards and from the best local materials.

Altering the wave

The SurfBench converts the kinetic energy introduced by an interacting individual into a smooth wave motion. Sitting on the bench, the waves are not perceptible. She seating feeling is that of a conventional bench.

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The oscillating wave movement changes direction when it encounters a seated person, another wave or the end of the bench. Hence, each individual can interact and alter the behavior of the bench. Since the movement of water has a very calming effect on us, copying its physical properties into an object in our familiar environment leads to a relaxation of its inhabitants. Seated individuals are unaffected by the waves, as the physical motion is very soft. This results in a seating experience and usage properties identical to that of a regular bench. 

Design & Mechanism

There are no engines, there is no electricity. The bench uses purely a smooth, well thought mechanism that operates in accordance with the inherent physical laws upon which our world is constructed.

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Designed and protected by the German Designer Kim André Lange in different lengths, it adapts to the given architectural environment. After undergoing two years of development and testing, the Surfbench is being manufactured in northern Italy. Doing the beautiful planet justice we are living on, every part is designed to be replaceable, enabling its lifespan to be extended indefinitely.


Objects are created by their purpose of use in the space they are placed. Therefor, they should fulfill the needs we have in the space we use them. We appreciate finding the perfect configuration for your location.

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The moment of sitting down and resting often comes with the need for distraction. The SurfBench distracts us from the time in between and brings movement to static environments. Implementing a symmetric shape to the wooden seat elements, it can be equally used from both sides without occupying more room than a conventional bench.

We appreciate finding the perfect configuration for your location, may it be the private house, a entrance lobby, a waiting room, a boutique. Where would you place the SurfBench?

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