About the Designer


Kim André Lange is a visionary South German designer dedicated to enhancing our surroundings and creating a more pleasant environment. His primary objective is to bring joy through visual and sensory pleasure, as well as advanced usability. Through his work, he strives to raise awareness of the inherent beauty that surrounds us.

A firm believer in the importance of sustainability, Kim André understands that it is an integral part of design. He assumes responsibility for the ecological and social impact of his creations. Drawing upon his educational background in technical schools and his knowledge of physics and materials, he seeks to unite practicality with aesthetics. His global travels have provided him with invaluable insights into how different cultures utilize their environments. This allows him to incorporate unique and unfamiliar elements into his designs.

Kim André Lange maintains close connections with individuals from various professions and nationalities, actively participating in exhibitions and collaborative projects. This interdisciplinary approach has granted him extensive expertise in design, mechanics, and science.

In 2019, Kim André Lange founded KALD studio, where he creates designs for clients and also operates his company, KALD GmbH.